Townsville's Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Fabrication Specialilsts

Our experienced team of Boilermakers, Fitters and Fabricators can produce anything from small detailed parts to large steel structures and components, to meet your project deadlines and quality requirements.

We produce fabrications and modifications for these and other sectors

Some commonly fabricated items include

Repairs and Maintenance

All our work is completed to comply with the Australian standards and coded guidelines for each particular facet of structure required for any given project whether it be new fabrication or existing repairs no matter how big or small.

We can design, engineer and fabricate your ideas to bring them to reality

We can complete your fabrication project on-site throughout Queensland or in house right here in Townsville.

Fabrication and modification to silo

Modification to lower a storage silo filter unit for ease of access and to comply with working at height regulations and requirements for when servicing or repairs are required

Pressure vessel and pipework fabrication

Platform fabrication for locomotive sand provisioning skid

Pipework arrangement

Pressure vessel and pipe work fabrication

Aluminium walkway repair

Repairing damaged aluminium walkway