Dust and Fume Collectors and Control

Why do we use dust collectors?

We use dust and fume collectors for a range of reasons buy mainly to protect our workers first and foremost and environmental compliance following a very close second, as well as a form of retaining a valuable resource within the boundaries of any given process.

There are 2 common types of dust and fume collectors:

At JOMAX Engineering we can offer our expertise in design and suitability, manufacture and installation of a broad range of dust collectors. We can also offer refurbishment options, maintenance and repairs to many brands, makes and models of dust collectors. As well we can offer routine on site inspections with full written reports and trend capturing functions for preventative maintenance of equipment and minimisation of filter media failure.

Not only do we service clients in the greater Townsville region, we have many satisfied clients right across Queensland.

Below are a few sectors that we can provide a full range of parts, replacement filter bags or pleated cartridges for.

Dust and Fume control
Dust and fume control installation
Fume and Dust Collector
Dust and fume collector
Udgrading Existing Dust and Fume Control Installation
Upgrading existing dust control infrastructure
Dust and Fume Control Collector servicing
Enhancing existing dust collectors