We can build your Locomotive Sanding System or components in our Townsville facility and freight it to you no matter where you are in Australia.

What’s Loco Sanding all about?

Adhesion Railway or Adhesion Traction is the most common type of railway, where power is applied by driving some or all of the wheels of the locomotive.

Rail adhesion relies on the friction between a steel wheels and the steel rails. The term is particularly used when discussing conventional railways to distinguish from other forms of traction such as funicular or cog railway.

Traction or friction can be reduced when the rails are greasy, this can be because of rain, or oil, or even decomposing leaves which compact into a hard slippery coating. On an adhesion railway, most locomotives will have a sand containment vessel from where properly dried sand can be dropped onto the rail to improve traction under slippery conditions.

The sand is most often applied using compressed air. When a locomotive’s wheels slip, particularly when starting a heavy train, sand applied at the front of the driving wheels greatly aids in traction causing the train to “lift”, or to commence the motion intended by the engine driver.

As can be seen from the above brief explanation locomotive sand provisioning and the sanding systems required to deliver the sand to the locomotive and hen onto the rails is a vitally important part of the rail transportation system.

Fixed sanding systems

We can design, retro fit to existing sanding systems as well as fabricate, install and maintain a versatile range of fixed sanding systems to cater for any size class of locomotive. Everything from diesel and electric coal and freight trains to cane hauling locomotives.

Gravity Fed Sanding System
Gravity feed fixed locomotive sanding system in use filling locomotive sand box
Locomotive Sanding
Existing gravity feed system converted by JOMAX to pneumatic sand provisioning
Gravity Locomotive Sanding
Pneumatic sand provisioning system converted from gravity feed system
Fixed Locomotive Sanding System
Gravity feed Fixed Locomotive Sanding System hose arrangement

Mobile sanding systems

The mobile sand provision systems we can offer are a very cost effective way of provisioning any locomotive anywhere there is access alongside the rail corridor.

These are a very low cost solution as opposed to other infrastructure required. For example our mobile sanding systems replace the need for a purpose built shed over the rail lines with overhead sand bins located on the roof.

Having this flexibility of sand provisioning the locomotives has proven to give our customers a competitive edge.

Mobile Locomotive Sanding System
Sand storage skid
Truck mounted Sand Provisioning
Filling a truck mounted sand provisioning system
Fill Locomotive Sanding box
Using the slide out platform to fill locomotive sand box
Versatile Sanding System
Versatility of sanding with the truck mounted mobile locomotive sanding system

Remote sanding units

Remote sanding options are a combination of fixed and mobile sanding systems. These options use the mobile type sand storage skid in combination with fixed trackside hose towers, distribution and surge pots to sand provision locomotives.

Remote Locomotive Sanding System
Remote sanding units manufactured for mine site in NSW
Remote Sanding Unit
Remote sanding system ready for the long trip to NSW
Locomotive Sanding System Installation
Remote sanding system setup at a quarry
Sanding Installation
Remote locomotive sand provisioning system component installation